Early Morning Training!

So, its been a while since my last blog…. a lot has happened!10-01

As you probably know, we signed up again for the Ride to Conquer Cancer and are working hard to beat the $8000+ we raised last year for Cancer Research. We are selling Entertainment Books again and also Cadbury Fundraising Chocolates this year to help raise as much as we can.

I have also been very fortunate to have some great family and friends who have donated generously, one gentlemen even putting $500 towards the cause for a second year in a row. Thank you all again. That said, I am not even half way to my target, so if you have been planning to donate but haven’t had the chance, please don’t forget. 🙂  Please Click Here.

We have all spent hundreds of dollars on new gear including winter warmers, lights, spares etc. This extra gear makes the 6am morning rides with rain and winds that little bit nicer. Although, its still cold, and we do get soaked!

My 2013 Giant TCR Advanced 2 is still going strong. No major problems, broken a spoke or 2 but that’s normal. Its got some new lights, mud guards and video camera. Out of my 4 bikes this is still my favourite. Light and responsive.

I have also put some work into the Charge Mixer 8 to make it more commuter friendly. Added some Mud Guards, bottle cages, some more lights and clip in MTB peddles and shoes off the Giant Talon. Even though the bike is a bit heavier that the Giant TCR, its great to ride in the wet due to the internal gear rear hub.

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