Upload rides to Strava from your Garmin Edge 510/810


So your out on a ride, Garmin 510 running, you save it, go home, connect it via USB to the PC, upload your rides to Garmin Connect, then export them, go to Strava, upload the files. What a hassle! There is a much better way.

So what you need:

  • Garmin 510 or 810 cycle computer
  • A Smartphone (Apple IOS or Google Android) with Bluetooth and 3G/4G Internet
  • The GarminConnect App
  • GarminConnect Account
  • Strava Account
  • http://www.copymysports.com/

Once you have these and they are setup you simply go for your ride with the Garmin running, save your ride as normal, this will upload to Garmin Connect via the Phones Bluetooth and internet connection. Then CopyMySports will see there is a new activity on GarminConnect and copy this automatically to Strava. Same applies for RunKeeper.

To setup the CopyMySports automation you just specify an ID of one of your activities on GarminConnect and authorize CopyMySports to publish to your RunKeeper/Strava account once. Using the ID this activity, CopyMySports is able to find all your exiting and new activities on GarminConnect and copy them to RunKeeper/Strava automatically. New activities are copied within 15 minutes.

For those of you who do not have the newer Garmin series, this will still work with the previous models (500, 800) when uploading to GarminConnect via USB. Although, why would you bother when you can also upload directly to Strava via USB.


Update: GarminSync has been renamed CopyMySports.