Indoor Trainer

Giant on Trainer

Not much time on the bike this weekend unfortunately. Fixed another puncture! More glass.

I wen’t out and bought a trainer ready for winter. It will be great to ride while sitting in front of the TV and watch sport or movies. All while staying nice and dry!

Donations to the 200+km ride in Oct have slowly been ticking away. It would be great to get some more support from you all so please don’t wait, donate now. 🙂


Phil’s Daily Commute

I commute daily to work and record my trips with the GoPro HD mounted on the . I use it as evidence in the chance that anything interesting happens, or if I need to provide evidence to the authorities. I thought it would be interesting to show you all my commute. So here it is, speed is set to 16x to prevent you sitting through a 35 min video. Enjoy.

Fitting new parts!

New Garmin Edge 510I picked up the Garmin Edge 510 this arvo and fitted it straight away. I mounted it on the Stem at the moment but might buy the K-Edge mount to put it a little further forward. Linked it up with the Giant Ride-sense (ANT+) and Bluetooth to my iPhone straight away. Garmin account created and we are set to go riding.

The menus are a little slow but I will get used to it. Pretty happy with it so far.

Garmin Edge 510 fitted up


Also while down at the LBS I had the Head Stem looked at, seems I was going a little light on tightening the bolts even though it is carbon. 5nm isn’t much but I had done them up too lose. Hopefully now I wont be stopping mid ride to readjust the head stem. Have another item to add to the purchase list now… a expensive torque wrench specific to bicycles.

New bits!

As I was typing this.. ding dong… a parcel arrived. More goodies! The main items being portable 120-psi pump, 10x tubes, new track pump, cages and Camelbak bottles. Feels like Christmas!

New I have my new track pump I will be taking the old one (3 months old) into work and leaving it in the end of trip facilities. The idea is I will supply the pump and if people use it they donate to my Concur Cancer Ride!

New Garmin Edge 510. Order placed

Garmin Edge 510

Garmin Edge 510

Well its been a big week of spending. Close to $500 in total on spares and accessories including 10x Tubes, new Camelbak Water bottles and cages etc. The best of the list, the new Garmin Edge 510.  This will link in with my Giant TCR’s RideSence ANT+ and also Bluetooth to my iPhone for routes and data upload to the internet. There is a great review on it here by DC Rainmaker.