Upload rides to Strava from your Garmin Edge 510/810


So your out on a ride, Garmin 510 running, you save it, go home, connect it via USB to the PC, upload your rides to Garmin Connect, then export them, go to Strava, upload the files. What a hassle! There is a much better way.

So what you need:

  • Garmin 510 or 810 cycle computer
  • A Smartphone (Apple IOS or Google Android) with Bluetooth and 3G/4G Internet
  • The GarminConnect App
  • GarminConnect Account
  • Strava Account
  • http://www.copymysports.com/

Once you have these and they are setup you simply go for your ride with the Garmin running, save your ride as normal, this will upload to Garmin Connect via the Phones Bluetooth and internet connection. Then CopyMySports will see there is a new activity on GarminConnect and copy this automatically to Strava. Same applies for RunKeeper.

To setup the CopyMySports automation you just specify an ID of one of your activities on GarminConnect and authorize CopyMySports to publish to your RunKeeper/Strava account once. Using the ID this activity, CopyMySports is able to find all your exiting and new activities on GarminConnect and copy them to RunKeeper/Strava automatically. New activities are copied within 15 minutes.

For those of you who do not have the newer Garmin series, this will still work with the previous models (500, 800) when uploading to GarminConnect via USB. Although, why would you bother when you can also upload directly to Strava via USB.


Update: GarminSync has been renamed CopyMySports.

Perth Entertainment Books!

2013 2014 Entertainment Book - ColouredGutter Hogs Cycling Group is pleased to be selling the popular Entertainment Books to raise funds for the Ride to Conquer Cancer in October. The Entertainment™ Book is filled with hundreds of valuable 2-for-1 and up to 50% offers from many of the best restaurants, arts, attractions, hotel accommodation, travel and much more! The Books are valid until June 2014. The best part is Gutter Hogs Cycling Group will receive $13 from each Book sold!

2013 2014 Order Here Button - White

Just click here or the pictures and purchase yours today. These can be picked up from the Perth CDB during working hours or in Beechboro after hours. Thank-you for supporting our fundraising!

The new Commuter – Charge Mixer 8

Charge Mixer

Charge Mixer

So with my commitment to riding and with the weather changing I decided it was time to look at purchasing another bike to add to the collection. The idea was a low maintenance,  fast, good looks and reliable commuting bike that could also stand up to the elements. After some looking around, I found the one that ticked all the boxes. 2011 Charge Mixer.

Charge Mixer

Charge Mixer

The Charge Mixer 2011 Hybrid Bike features a Tange, 700c infinity tubed frame, with heat treatment and rack mounts, Tange Mixer Chromoly Forks and Shimano Alfine SG-S500 internal 8 speed hub. Its very low maintenance and cheap to run in a long term. Shimano’s 486 hydraulic discs take care of the stopping. Its also made in the UK.

May Massive – 1000km

Its been a great start to May. Aaron and I are taking part in the May Massive Strava Challenge  1000km in the month of May. We have put a few km under the belt so far but now with the weather changing it will be a challenge for sure. A cold morning in the photo below. The rain really does take cycling from pleasant to cold dirty. We end up with a nice line of road muck up our backs. Another order has been placed for a bunch of wet weather gear including some mud guards.

Anzac Day Training Ride to Mandurah from CBD

Anzac Day. I time to remember those who fought for our great country.

Aaron and I were up at 6am and made our way into the CBD. A brisk morning and a tiny bit of rain. Our aim was to get to Mandurah and keep a average of 30ish kph.

The ride went well, I am still trying to recover from my flu so once I pushed that out of my system in the first 20km I was fine. The legs didn’t like the 2 weeks off the bike so the quads are pretty tender while I sit here on the train. Aaron did it with ease, so once I get my fitness back up to Aaron’s level we will attempt there and back on the same day.

Total distance was 72km in 2 hours and 40 mins.


Recovering from the Flu & Fixie Projects

Well the Flu got me, so my April Challenge is no more. I have been off the bike now for 2 weeks and have watched my legs shrink. I am almost well enough to get back on it, but might wait until Monday. I have a lot of catching up to do. Anzac Day we plan to do a ride from CBD to Mandurah and back so that should help.

INDI 500 Original

On another note, Aaron and I have decided to build some mess around bikes. Fixies. I have sourced a old INDI 500 plan to us only the frame and build it up using all new parts. Green and white are the colours in mind.

The INDI will look something like this when I have finished.

White and Green Fixie

Spring Classics Challenge from Specialized – Strava Challenge

Well I have been crook and flat out with work over the last week or 2. Training as dropped off a little its time to pick it up again. What better than to sign up to complete a challenge of 1319km in April. Over 43km a day! Now this wont be easy, but Ill give it my best.

The details for the challenge are as follows:
While the world’s best professional cyclists are hammering up the bergs and bouncing over the cobblestones, Specialized and Strava challenge you to ride the cumulative distance of five of cycling’s most storied races that form the Spring Classics, adding up to a monumental total of 1,319 kilometers. 

For those curious, here is how the math works out:
   Milan-San Remo  [298km] 
Tour of Flanders [256km]
Paris-Roubaix [257km]
Liège–Bastogne–Liège [257km]
Amstel Gold [251km]
= 1,319 kilometers 

To also join the challenge go HERE.

I will keep you posted on the progress or you can follow me on STRAVA.

Indoor Trainer

Giant on Trainer

Not much time on the bike this weekend unfortunately. Fixed another puncture! More glass.

I wen’t out and bought a trainer ready for winter. It will be great to ride while sitting in front of the TV and watch sport or movies. All while staying nice and dry!

Donations to the 200+km ride in Oct have slowly been ticking away. It would be great to get some more support from you all so please don’t wait, donate now. 🙂


Phil’s Daily Commute

I commute daily to work and record my trips with the GoPro HD mounted on the . I use it as evidence in the chance that anything interesting happens, or if I need to provide evidence to the authorities. I thought it would be interesting to show you all my commute. So here it is, speed is set to 16x to prevent you sitting through a 35 min video. Enjoy.