Big week just finished!

I was supposed to update earlier on in the week with progression on my ride to conquer cancer campaign but have been way too busy. I have had a great amount of donations pushing my total to $2105 with under $400 to go until ive secured a spot in the ride. I put the beloved Schwinn on the market on sunday evening after laybuying my new ride and it wasn’t until thursday when the first potential buyer came for a look. Consequently with the condition of the bike he snaffled it up but unfortunately not leaving me enough time to go and pick my new bike up. Friday was the day to pick my new bike up after work and also the rest of the kit arrived from chain reaction cycles, when there was nobody home so it couldnt be delivered now until monday so my new bike sits at home with no pedals or any other kit. Its a 2013 Apollo Vispo and here is a quick photo i took:IMG_6103