Anzac Day Training Ride to Mandurah from CBD

Anzac Day. I time to remember those who fought for our great country.

Aaron and I were up at 6am and made our way into the CBD. A brisk morning and a tiny bit of rain. Our aim was to get to Mandurah and keep a average of 30ish kph.

The ride went well, I am still trying to recover from my flu so once I pushed that out of my system in the first 20km I was fine. The legs didn’t like the 2 weeks off the bike so the quads are pretty tender while I sit here on the train. Aaron did it with ease, so once I get my fitness back up to Aaron’s level we will attempt there and back on the same day.

Total distance was 72km in 2 hours and 40 mins.


Recovering from the Flu & Fixie Projects

Well the Flu got me, so my April Challenge is no more. I have been off the bike now for 2 weeks and have watched my legs shrink. I am almost well enough to get back on it, but might wait until Monday. I have a lot of catching up to do. Anzac Day we plan to do a ride from CBD to Mandurah and back so that should help.

INDI 500 Original

On another note, Aaron and I have decided to build some mess around bikes. Fixies. I have sourced a old INDI 500 plan to us only the frame and build it up using all new parts. Green and white are the colours in mind.

The INDI will look something like this when I have finished.

White and Green Fixie